Wordpress Canvas Theme - Layout Breaks in IE7

Hello, I was hoping someone here could help me figure out why our site's layout breaks in IE7. We are using the Woothemes Canvas theme. The site in question is:


I have validated the HTML of the page and have two errors, which I'm not sure how to fix, or if they are causing the IE7 issue. When I tried to validate the theme's CSS files, I was getting hundreds of errors. Is the canvas theme really the culprit? I've tried disabling all plugins and it did not fix the problem.

Any help here would be much appreciated! Thanks.

CSS overidding in Wordpress

Hi again everyone,

I am sorry to come here with what appear to be wordpress questions, but I am trying to learn Wordpress and CSS together and am not really sure which one is giving me hassle in this respect.

I am on my second project now (my 5th or 6th if you include all the dummy projects I played with until getting a bit more serious) So I feel that I know how to do this already as I have implemented this process for each of them.

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