Need Help - Wordpress theme is darkening Front Page background images

Hello all! The Wordpress theme I use is darkening (tinting) the images I'm using as a slideshow on my main page. I have 3 images loaded into the "Front Page Widget" area that cycles on my home page. I'm a newbie to CSS but I'm searched the stylesheet and can't seem to find what I need to change so the true colors are seen. Any help would be appreciated!

My website:
Theme name: Imagely - Ansel
I've reached out to the theme maker and they were of no help.



Adding links to specific text on a specific page


I am using Wordpress (Kalium theme) and would like to add links to a specific page/section only.

The specific page is here:

In the section: "Reference files", I would like to add URLs for the following texts:

Circus, Wood - Specifications
Circus, Upholstered - Specifications
Circus, Barstool - Specifications

The files I would like to link (respectively) are on my media server with the following links:

How to keep the Hover Effect active

Hi everyone,

I'm new here and new to CSS and HTML.

I am putting together a Wordpress website and I have a Recent Works element that I've put on to a page that pulls in recent projects. When you hover your mouse over the images they display the Title and Label.

I really need to know how to keep the Title and Label active straight from page load.

Any ideas would be hugely appreciated!

Thanks Smile

problem to rezise a container of thumbnails

Hello everybody,

I'm taking care of a website for a friend, and she ask me to resize the thumbnails images that you can see here (
basically the .galleria-thumbnails .galleria-image is #height: 40px #width: 60px; and I would like to put them at height: 200px; width: 400px;.

The problem is, doing that, there is an overlap between the main image and the thumbnails.
I tried to resize the all container up to 770px height ( In chrome inspect first, and It worked) but not in the css directly and I can't figure out why.

Some images not loading in wordpress

When i upload images in my Word Press post, Images are not correctly appearing in my WordPress blog post. my blog address is

Can you please check and help me Thanks and Regards,


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