Blog post text alignment in Urdu (Right to Left)

Most of my blog post are in Urdu, but text alignment is coming form left to right which is affecting look of my blog posts. How can i change text alignment from right to left for my blog page?

CSS (Weebly) blog sidebar, content width, scrollbars - Help, please!

Hi, everyone! I am new here and new to CSS!



Unable to Change Weebly Blog Comment Colors

I am having a similar issue to this person:

The difference is that mine is the opposite issue (font is showing up white on a white background) and my code appears different than the original question above so I was not able to reach a resolution from those instructions. For those who don't want to read the other post here is a quick summary of my problem:

Weebly - getting rid of Gray Space from Splash page

I'm using the Great Expectation theme from Weebly and I want my front page to be blank (except for links on the top) but since im using a splash page, the gray space is there. Can someone tell me where i can find that in the code so that i can get rid of that?

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