How to use span and also add a class attribute

I am creating a website and I am trying to make the $95 $200 $25 red. Not the words just the numbers. I know i have to use span and then give it a class attribute but i cannot figure out what to type in my HTML and my css file. Also how would i make JUST the words bold? Thank you!

Also these are in an unordered list

Season Package: $95
Patron Package: $200
Single Speaker: $25

  • Season Package: $95
  • Patron Package: $200
  • Single Speaker: $25

How can I achieve a horizontal menu like this?


How would I achieve a horizontal menu like the one shown here?

Could I achieve this using a unordered list? Floated DIVs?

Any help would be much appreciated Smile

Need your help styling a list, has to do with inheritance i think

i was trying to post my code but it kept triggering the spam filter for some reason. Basically whats happening is a list of named anchors keeps taking on the properties of my navbar. Its very frustrating, the named anchors are in a float called left, when i try to change the li properties of left nothing happens, i've ruled out any syntax errors such as open tags and what not but im lost. Any advice would be appreciated.

Multi lines links with unordered lists

Hi I would like to set the line height of every lines in a multi lines link in an unordered list. Is there a way a I can go about that?

Thank you,


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