Universal Selector in 2016

So I'm reading Eric Meyer's book on CSS. In it, he gives the example:

body *:hover { background: yellow; } which in theory should produce a yellow background for any element that's descended from the body element to display a yellow background. It doesn't however, in Chrome, Firefox or Edge.

I'm just getting back into CSS and I know things change quickly, is there a simple workaround for this behavior? I may be missing something.

Does asterisk (*) selector affect performance?


I have built a user style for Facebook. There are 67 instances of the same code: border-color: #455770 !important. I'm considering putting a single instance of this into * { }, it would chop off 4 kB (about 10%) off the code.

Would this slow down the style loading time considerably?
And which one is worse? Repeating the same styling command 67 times for avoiding usage of *, or using * instead of filtered formatting?


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