Altering the margin values?

Hello, recently I have started a new tumblr blog and decided to use a very simple theme. Turns out that the creator really only did the basics so I decided to change a lot of things to make it look cleaner.

If you look closely, you can see the "notes" overlap the images, and I would like to nudge it to the right so that it sits next to the images (obviously). I tried changing the margin values but it stays stuck so I thought I would ask for help here. I usually just tweak things until it works and looks right but I seem to be stuck on this one. Any help would be appreciated.

Styling a second audio player in tumblr

Hey there, I am trying to tweak a tumblr theme so that I have two options for an audio player.

on the tag pages I am happy with the 'circle' style (which I found is a standard timeline style audio player that has been squashed down in size using css)

Tumblr - post icons based on tags??

I've just started to customise my Tumblr layout, and although I'm pleased with it so far, one thing would make it perfect.

Is there a way I could assign small images to certain post tags, so that when I tagged a post the associated images would show up next to the title?

I need help. Internet explorer is being a di*k.

Alright. So I have made a tumblr blog, and everything's perfect in Mozilla but when I open it in Internet Explorer the right column is bellow the left one. Here's my link. Just please give me the code and the info on where to put it, I lost all my patience on long tutorials that suck.

Help with adding a table that looks nice to a tumblr theme

Okay, so I have been searching for clear instructions on how to make a table on tumblr that includes Ask, Home, and Contact buttons, but I have failed to find any. I have a theme already, but it doesn't have any buttons for some reason. If someone could tell me how to make one, direct me to a place with codes, or just make one for me, that'd be awesome.

this is my theme:

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