Move tumblr description box without moving page next button

So I'm new to all this coding stuff and I was wondering if anyone could help me figure out how to move my tumblr description box without making the numbers/next button move with it.
I want to move it so it's to the right of the next page button because there's a large amount of gray space there that I'd like to fill.

<!DOCTYPE html>
                    THEME  :  04. S E N T I N E L
                  VERSION  :  PUBLIC; 

Tumblr Help PLEASE

Hi. I'm using a theme on tumblr that someone else made. Originally, the description box was right above the next button on my sidebar, but I tried to move it, and I don't even know what I did, but now it's slightly to the left of where it was. I'd like to move the description box into the upper left corner of my sidebar, and I'd like the next button to be right below that. I'm not sure where in the html coding to do that, or what to do. (I have almost no idea what I'm doing) Could someone please help? You can see what my blog currently looks like with the html coding as it is right now at

Here is the html coding that I'm currently using:

tumblr theme: correct Html5 WAI-ARIA landmark roles

Hey guys,

I'm trying to add the correct WAI-ARIA landmark roles to my elements. But as you can imagine I'm not sure about some of the roles and their correct place.

To give you a better understanding I'll try to give you the structure of my theme

<div id="wrapper"><!--contains all elements and is just for centering my layout and give a fix width-->
<header role="banner">
<!--page title, a banner, ...-->
<aside role="complementary">
<section><!--tag-box, if someone browses the site for a specific tag--></section>

tumblr theme: endless scrolling won't show audio/video posts on the index page


In my theme it's possible to enable endless scrolling (you can navigate through pages if it's not enabled). endless scrolling usually works with a script provided by tumblr or other people who may have modified it.
To use it properly you also need to add a specific class on an element containing all your articles (posts). In my situation this element is <div role="main"> and the class is autopagerize_page_element.

tumblr theme: alternate positioning of content and sidebar


I'm using tumblr and develope my own themes. I'll now try to optimize my current theme, remove unnecessary stuff and so on.

My question: Is there an alternate way to position two containers next to each other?

I'm currently using a fixed width on my content/sidebar and float left or right to position these elements within a container. Therefor I need an extra container around them where I can apply the clearfix-class to clear my content/sidebar. I want to remove this useless container and now I'm looking for a method not to float the two containers.

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