Wordpress Kingsize Theme Transparent Content Box Question

Hi all.

Complete CSS amateur [who knows enough to follow a tut or too]

Site at eluminated.com.au

Want to make static home page; set a full width background image for this page only and then make the black content box transparent so the text appears to be sitting on top of the image.

I know I can do this with the body_class and some CSS however it is a lot beyond my skills.

Would appreciate some assistance to styling this one page with CSS as all googling reveals this would be the easiest way

Thanks in advance

Hovering text of semi-transparent rectangle?

I'm trying to hover text over a semi-transparent rectangle. The only way I knew how to create the rectangle was with a div (css below). If I put the text in the #rectangle div it lowers the opacity of the text aswell. Can anyone tell me how I can hover it above the box? I can't figure it out. Thanks

 #rectangle {
	margin-right: 50px;
	margin-bottom: 30px;
	margin-top: 10px;

IE9 - transparent images, border shown anyway.

I am a javascript developer.
I have this weird problem, with IE of course. Only this time ONLY IE9 bugs.
I have made a picture slidehow: www.usefulurl.com/i13b
Press a thumb picture to see it. Slide around using the arrow keys.
When i close it(ESC) and enter a new one,
!! the pictures are transparent, which they should not be, though the border is still shown?? Puzzled !!
This weird, weird problem, which I've tried to fix in many ways, only occurs in IE9.

solid box on a transparent box???

Hi all,
I have a box for my main content on my website which i have set to have the background of an image. I then have a transparrent box ontop of the background image. I then want to have another solid box ontop of the transparent one. However when i try to do this it takes the properties of the transparent box div and will not be solid no matter what i do here is a few snippets of my HTML and CSS. Any help would be great.


div.mainContent {
margin-left: 205px;
margin-right: 80px;
height: 635px;
padding: 0;

Printing Webpages- Text background-color:Transparent not working in IE

I'm trying to create a printable webpage, on it I have text with a transparent background which is positioned over an image. I've set its "background-color: transparent" but IE seems to ignore this and gives it the background color of the containing DIV, which shows up on top of the image. On screen its fine and its ok when printing with other browsers, but it won't print the correct way in IE. All of my CSS is inline.

Does anyone have any idea why this would be happening or have a solution?


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