CSS Image transition on hover


I'm trying to apply a style to a div so that the black and white image turns to color on hover. There are 4 different images and, at present, I can only get one to work. I tried to change the class name and simply copy down the relevant styling, but it doesn't seem to work.

Attached is the html fopr the div and the corresponding, I think, part of the style sheet.


<div id="recent-work"> 
                    <h3>Our Titles</h3>               
                    <div class="one_fourth"> 
                    	<a href="portfolio_item.html" class="over"></a> 

webkit transition for anchor tags

I want to click on an anchor link and have webkit-transition and webkit-transform:translate take me, move me, scroll me over to the other places <div>s of my document. Right now it is jumping me to the anchor tags but not transitioning over.
Is this even possible with CSS?

I have another webpage where I can make a div come to where I am but in this case I want to travel to the div.

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