CSS background images + template not working


First off, I apologise, because I know I'm supposed to print my code, but I built my site in Dreamweaver, using the wysiwyg designer, so I'm not so sure how to go about getting the code. I also tried to read the doctypes link from the stickies, but I got an error message. Sorry!

I created my site in DW CS4, and have never used CSS before, so it's very very new to me.
I need to get the site I am working on, online, asap, so I'm starting to stress big time.

The address is www.pawsitiveleads.com

Multiple background images: Need Help adjusting Template Layout

This is a CSS & PHP issue...

I'm a ZenCart v1.3.8 user and I've downloaded a few versions of the Free ZenCart templates from templates13.com, namely #372 and its color variants. All of these templates seem (to me) to have an error...

One of the images used to creat this curved look, MenuRightFooter.gif is not called upon anywhere in the CSS.

Without this image being used, the design is not curved at the bottom, but just a right angle by default. I've attached a screenshot from the template website of how it should look.

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