Removing an image from template page through CSS edit


Im looking at removing an image from templated page using a piece of CSS but cant seen to figure out what CSS to use.

The page is

and i want to remove the large product image covering the main view of the page

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I found a post using the following code

.woocommerce-cart td.product-thumbnail {
display: none;
@media (max-width: 767px){
.woocommerce .cart.shop_table .product-name {
display: block !important;

Parallax Item in a Squarespace Marquee template

Hi there, I manage to add a logo in my page description using this custom CSS:

But the image is overlapping the description. How can I move only the logo up or do something else to get a visual result similar to this: (Adidas original is never finished)

Here's my site:
(to access just click VISITOR and type the code it gives you)

How do i add a header to my website?

im trying to edit a website template and add a header to it but i have no idea how Sad
I wanna put a picture instead of the text
Screen shot 2012-03-17 at 6.36.58 PM.png
please help!

thanks!! <3


Main Column Not Aligning with Two Sidebars

I bought a template - first time, now the last time - for a WordPress site I'm designing pro bono for a non-profit organization. When I first installed it, anything below the Header.php didn't show up, including the sidebars, main content, widgets, etc. I tinkered with the PHP and got it to show up, but then I had a sinking feeling that it had been built poorly.

Style before Markup

I have talked about generalising your style rules, or in other words, being less specific and simplifying your stylesheets. The basic idea is to write rules for the whole site not specific to a page or element. In theory this is nice, although most of us end up writing rules for specific elements. Working on an existing site you usually have to add a very specific rules to the stylesheet so that nothing else is messed up. That makes for long messy stylesheets.
If it's a new site the simplified build process usually goes something like:

  1. visual design
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