CSS blocks creating empty "cells"

I thought I fixed this, but it's started going crazy again.

Basically, I coded my friend's portfolio using ModX and CSS. But when it loads the blocks, sometimes there is a blank one. It's much easier to just see as opposed to my trying to explain: http://www.erinkong.com/index.php?id=47.

Here is the code that loads each individual block:
<div class="galleryblock"><a href="[~[+id+]~]"><img src="[+image+]" width="175" height="130" border="0" /><br />[+pagetitle+]</a></div>

And here is the css for the div class:

Table centering


My problem is i have a basic table that contains 1 table row with 1 table data cell that is 500px x 400px in size. I have an image i wish to place into the data cell that is 300px x 300px however i want the image to be right in the centre of the table data cell. So effectively i want to be able to centre text/images etc in the centre of the cell (center left to right; centre top to bottom)

Please help me!!



Two tables in a page: one inherits the style from the other?

Hello! I'm pretty new to CSS, but decided this forum was more appropriate than the Beginner's one.

Basically, I'm developing a web app for my computing course that uses JavaScript to extract data from a user's Google Calendars account, and then display a la the Sasco Year Planner (those big things you see in offices).

On the planner there are two tables. The one underneath has the, days, months, and dates: it's essentially a calendar displayed in an HTML table tag.

Help with adding a table that looks nice to a tumblr theme

Okay, so I have been searching for clear instructions on how to make a table on tumblr that includes Ask, Home, and Contact buttons, but I have failed to find any. I have a theme already, but it doesn't have any buttons for some reason. If someone could tell me how to make one, direct me to a place with codes, or just make one for me, that'd be awesome.

this is my theme: http://www.tumblr.com/theme/5599

hover for table rows

I'm rather new to css, and I am attempting to get table rows to zoom/grow a bit when the mouse hovers over a table row(without having the contents wrap or modify the table). This makes sense in my head.. but apparently not to browsers..

        /* :hover zoom code goes here */
<TR class="t3">
	<TD class="td_plans">III</TD>
	<TD class="td_plans">High</TD>
	<TD class="td_plans">14¢ GHz/hr</TD>
	<TD class="td_plans">FILLER</TD>

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