Hidden columns & colspan

Hey all,

I have a problem with hiding some columns. I am modifying an existing interface to make it highly themed by CSS (currently a lot of style is hard coded). Because of this I have to reproduce the existing style in the new engine.

My problem is that the existing styled tables have a top/bottom row and left/right columns of images (making a border of images around the tables). If I'm looking to apply more basic themes I set display: none to these cells/rows, but then that messes up some tables that have a colspan in some rows.

Has anyone seen/resolved this issue before?

Alternative to table

I have this website, http://usefulurl.com, where I have a table with one row and three cells, containing respectively an ad, the content of the page, and on more ad. Check it out.
THe problem is, that the position of the ads change from each site. Try using the links in the header to see it for yourself.

I made it with a table - ain't there some better way to do it, where it would work?
Thanks in advance.

IE7 TD Hover Problems

I know everyone's tired of hearing about IE problems. I am rendering a table, and inside that table I have hidden DIV elements which are supposed to pop-up and be usable on hover (e.g. have buttons you can push and content to be read). However, in IE7 standards mode (in IE8) when the DIV Display is 'Block', it is hidden behind cells on the same TR. It renders completely fine in IE8+ or any standards compliant browser. Does anyone know a work around?

Please review the code and example here: http://jsfiddle.net/Ew9GU/15/

Multiple TDs in a TR, but on separate lines?

I have run into an interesting problem. I can ONLY modify CSS, not HTML, on an app I'm using. The app generates 4 cells per row, but I want only 1 cell per row. If I set the width of the TD to 90%, it seems to work, putting each TD on it's own "line."


It works, that is, in Chrome, Safari and Firefox browsers. IE seems to try to force the row/cell model. Is there any way I can accomplish this? It's tough to find an answer in a search engine. :/


Unique tr/th/td attributes for each table class

I've been reading documentation all afternoon, and I can't seem to figure this out.

Is there a way to attach style properties to the elements of a table without having to add a class or id tag to each element?

For example, I can use

table.myclass {border:1px}
th.myclass {background-color:#888888}

and create a table with

<table class="myclass">
    <th class="myclass">content</th>
    <th class="myclass">content</th>

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