lightening strikes animation on webpage

hello, i need help;
ive used and basically copy pasted the code, but i need it to go over the whole page and i want to change the backround to invisible, so i basically only have the lightneing strikes.... can someone help me out?

Formatting in Article Preview

Ok, so I'm using Wordpress, with a theme called GoodNews. There's a feature called NewsBox, that provides an image and a preview of an article, as seen here:
Full article:

The preview of the article removes all formatting of the text from the original article, but what I'd like to do is override this to retain punctuation, paragraphs, etc..

What I need is to fill out the following section of my custom CSS:

.cat_article_content p {


Need help with css text

Hey guys look at this pic first

What I want is the text ( Friends , Fans) to appear right beside the count of fans on the same line
Like oon the Image below that I modified with paint.

So there is my codings ( I know it makes no sens and I can do it better but I dont know how)

<div> <!-- float container -->
  <div style="float:left;"><img src ="wp-content/themes/cheetahtheme/images/face.png"></div>

Kraft CSS Framework -Redefining the way of CSS Coding

Download the Framework

You can download the framework from
[snip link--provide plain text version. not everyone has a safe environment in which to open untrusted zip files. ~gt]

You can download and use the framework freely in your own projects.

But don't forget to provide your feedback !!

Continue reading this thread to learn about how this framework works!!

What is this thread about?

a:hover affecting logo image

When I add a:hover {background...} to my stylesheet, there appears a "background" on my logo when you hover over it. It happens in IE 8 and Firefox. It happens in a site created with Dreamweaver and one "created" with Wordpress.

You can see this in action at

Here is the css link code...

a img {

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