Sticky footer conflit Here is the tutorial I'm following. But my content is absolute positioned, which is causing a conflict, and the footer is not going down at the very bottom of the page. So how can I solve this?

Sticky Footer Issue In IE7

I'm having a problem with sticky footer when viewed in IE7 whereby it's showing a scroll bar when the data overflows. I don't get this issue in other browsers apart from IE7.

Any ideas? I thought was a padding or margin issue, but I've got the footer depth calculated correctly I think.

You can see the issue at preview page


<!DOCTYPE html PUBLIC "-//W3C//DTD XHTML 1.0 Transitional//EN" "">
<html xmlns="">

Sticky footer issue

Hello Guys,
If I had a "div" and If position it to center of the page using relative property

and the page contain a sticky footer(copy from google fetch result)

On reducing the height of the browser the footer overlap the "div" the same does not occur if I don't position the div to center of the page

Here the code

<div class="login-wrapper grid_8 prefix_4 suffix_4">
  <div class="login">
    <div class="header">
      <h2>Sign in</h2>
   <div class="form-content">

Vertically fluid, single div to sticky footer

A basic template of my current design will be temporarily available at :

Sticky Footer Issues

I'm having difficulties creating a sticky footer that will not expand the size of the browser window OR keep its place. I've tried searching through this site and many others for answers, as well as have failed several attempts at following tutorials (CSS Sticky Footer included)... So, to get to the issues -

I'm able to create a sticky footer that will remain at the bottom of the page, however I cannot seem to overcome either of these 2 issues:

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