Responsive design with both fixed and fluid widths

Hi! I have a problem regarding responsive design. I have two different layouts, one for 801px+ and one for 800px and up. What i would like to have on the 801+ version is a sidebar with a fixed width of 300 px and let the content part take up the rest of the screen (Minus margins). However, the content part is having a percentual width proportional to both the content and the sidebar, and in a certain range the sidebar disappears due to lack of space.

My question is, how would I make the content scale down without pressing the sidebar away?

Pondering whether or not to use CSS

Hello everyone,

I've been looking for an answer to my problem but, unless I'm wrong, I didn't find one here yet.

I have a wordpress blog - Vigilance theme. The free, basic one. And now that I'm getting more traffic and that I actually want to regularly post on it, I also want to make it look good. I'm sure wordpress isn't the best host and what not but it does exactly what I need to do, so far. Anyway.

I'm thinking about getting the CSS upgrade to actually be able to do what I want with the blog but I have no idea if it will actually do what I want. Maybe you will Smile

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