Random starting slideshow

Someone can help me to do a slideshow on my div background ? slideshow need to start with a random image from 20 slider images from the folder. Is there any solution for that ? I am very new in web design, so kindly help ?? my site link given below


Problems embedding and scaling a video slider?


I'm trying to embed a fluid video that would auto-fit the screen, I tried a lot of tricks but to no avail.

Please help me!


Thank you!

Horizontal Image Slider

Hey, i'm studying graphic design at uni. We are doing web design and im trying to get a bit of an upperhand on everyone and i've been really trying to make my site look good. I am using dreamweaver because we have to and it's easiest. I have been trying to find javascript ones and trying to find css codes for it.. but nothing seems to work.
I am positive that someone on here knows how to do it.

But here is my problem:

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