Post title size

I'm playing around using Jetpack CSS custom and I succeeded in enlarging both post body size fonts and post title size fonts.

But the post title size is enlarged only when I am in home page, when I click on the post title to visit the actual page the post title size doesn't enlarge. How could I change it?

Home page: (title size 36px)
Post page: (title size smaller, I'd like 36px as well))

Here the customized CSS I put in:

.entry-title a {
	color: #dd9933;
	font-size: 36px;

Font Sizes

I've just seen this css specified for the body font on a site:

font:1em/1.5em Helvetica,Arial,Sans-Serif;

Anyone know how the 1em/1.5em affects the font size for the page? ...what it does?



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