Please have a look and tell me what you think about this

Except for the navbar , everything else is built in Pure CSS . Hope u like it . few of the CSS tricks i used is learnt right from this forum . So thanks Wink

Before Website launching


This is a freelance website that I have been working for weeks.
I would like o get some feedbacks before giving this site to client.

Thank you very much,

(Constructive) Critics wanted:


Thank you for taking the time to review my CSS and offer suggestions....

It is the combination of two graphic designs. I could only get the home page / logo / header done. The rest of the site was my "guess" on what the graphic designers would have done.

Padding and alignment

I have some site alignment issues that I think are related to padding, but I can't see where to change to make it work right.

-the footer is pushed down, which is because my above divs are showing as if my padding or divs inside that parent div are too big... not sure why that is happening? I can position the footer with relative positioning but I'd rather fix the problem of the divs blowing down if possible.

-the unordered list of products in the left column is indented too far to the right. I can't see where the padding or what setting might be pushing those li's to the right...

Redesigned & Relaunched - James Buchanan Pub & Restaurant website!

Just Launched!!

You can view it at What do you think about the design and code behind it?

I really look forward to your feedback. Thanks!

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