Please help with sIFR in Drupal!!

I have a blog post page on this website:

The title of each blog post is tagged to use H3, with a font size of 18px. This looks fine to me.

The last 4 posts from this page also appear on the home page of this site:

They are under "Foundation News". The title of each post is bigger then H3 although it is h3.

I was told that the home page font (or all fonts) is controlled by sIFR, which I don't know how to work with.

Need urgent help with sIFR!

Hey all,
I'm pretty new with CSS/HTML so I'm coming here for advice! I'll try to keep it short.

I'm designing a site for a family member, which would be easy except for two things that keep snagging me up.

She wants Rockwell to be used for her logo


The site must re-size with the browser window

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