CSS (Weebly) blog sidebar, content width, scrollbars - Help, please!

Hi, everyone! I am new here and new to CSS!

Sidebar background colour change

Hello everyone, I am new to CSS, that dragged me here and it's a great honour to be. I need to change the sidebar background colour from grey to white and I need help with that. You will be highly appreciated. Below is the CSS I need to edit. Many thanks.

<?php get_header(); ?>
<?php while ( have_posts() ): the_post(); ?>
<div class="main group <?php echo wpb_option('general-sidebar','sidebar-right'); ?>">
	<div class="content-part">
		<div class="pad">
			<article id="entry-<?php the_ID(); ?>" <?php post_class('entry group'); ?>>

Tumblr Help PLEASE

Hi. I'm using a theme on tumblr that someone else made. Originally, the description box was right above the next button on my sidebar, but I tried to move it, and I don't even know what I did, but now it's slightly to the left of where it was. I'd like to move the description box into the upper left corner of my sidebar, and I'd like the next button to be right below that. I'm not sure where in the html coding to do that, or what to do. (I have almost no idea what I'm doing) Could someone please help? You can see what my blog currently looks like with the html coding as it is right now at katnisskid.tumblr.com

Here is the html coding that I'm currently using:

Responsive design with both fixed and fluid widths

Hi! I have a problem regarding responsive design. I have two different layouts, one for 801px+ and one for 800px and up. What i would like to have on the 801+ version is a sidebar with a fixed width of 300 px and let the content part take up the rest of the screen (Minus margins). However, the content part is having a percentual width proportional to both the content and the sidebar, and in a certain range the sidebar disappears due to lack of space.

My question is, how would I make the content scale down without pressing the sidebar away?

Can't align or style sidebar

Hi, I'm a bit of a dabbler with CSS; I'm not very good.

I've been experimenting (trial by error) with trying to modify my theme on Wordpress. I can't seem to align the elements in my sidebar with the widgets in the sidebar.

My site is www.sketchbookcloset.com

I'm trying to align my subscribe buttons and ad banners with my tag cloud and archive widgets.

I've been messing with the css and also the sidebar.php but nothing seems to do the trick.

I'd really appreciate any insight.

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