CSS Styling Img in wordpress

I need to have all my images to have background shadow, since i have made so many posts so far i need a solution with which i wont go back with all posts and link each image to the new class..

please helo me with this.:

link: http://www.avanavaz.com/media/kaveh-danesh-age-to-nakhandi/

how to add shadow from a picture to a 80% wide container?

Hi everybody!

I have a 80% wide container and I want to add shadows (using images) on both sides. I could but I do not want to use the onionskin

and if the width of the container would be fixed in px the there would be no problems to do that but I want my site to be fluid.

is there a way to do it?

dynamic shadow

If you see in the screen-shot, there is a shadow under the header. Now the header is dynamic (reaching one end of the page to the other, regardless of resolution size).

I have no problem making the effect in photoshop and attaching it to the header, but if i make it so long, and a lower resolution views it, it will cut off and continue on another line. I know there has to be another way so its dynamic.

How would i create that shadow effect where its dynamic reaching end to end regardless of resolution size ??

If you can provide some code, that would be helpful. Thanks!

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