Search input area border problems


Search through multiple CSS files for specific line of code.

Long story short, the company I currently design for has a MASSIVE magento website. They just added a program known as Woopra. It's a chat window that does a lot of cool back-end things. Woopra integrated its css files in with some of the existing files, which normally wouldn't be a problem but there's 680 files with the word "css" in it according to the Windows Explorer search tool (315 are actual css files). So what I'm looking for is some search function or program that can read all the css files in the main folder and any subfolders within.

Improved search

One of the things that has bugged me for a while has been the slow search. It was always quicker to search the site via google then to use the search box. I had looked at external systems and never really got far enough to implement any of them. A few days ago while reading the news page I came across an article on Sphinx by James at Mozilla Got Data? Need Search? Use Sphinx.

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