Css a:active not working on Safari

Hi there,

I am trying to make an image gallery with 11 buttons. I want to style my buttons so that they change on hover AND stay selected after I click on them. An example of what I would like to have is: www.prologue.com (check out their buttons).

My css seems to be working fine on Firefox, but my buttons won't stay selected after clicking on Safari.

Any ideas? Please help! I've spent 2 days trying to find a solution and I've ran out of ideas!!!

Thank you..


#numbered_button_container a {
width: 200px;
font-family: Helvetica, Verdana, Arial;

no link in safari when using float: left

I have a page that works fine in IE, FF, Opera etc but the links aren`t working in safari. There is a set of 5 images in the body of the page that have float: left applied to them to make sit side by side.

In safari the links don`t work, if I remove float: left then the links work. Here is the page


the css is http://www.bow-boutique.co.uk/Boutique1/css/bow.css

and here is the html and css in question

<div class='boutiquecategory' style='margin-left: 80px'>

Submenu not appearing on hover in Safari

I'm using a navigation drop-down menu (chrome.js) from Dynamic Drive and for some reason the submenu does not appear on hover when I test the layout in Safari 4.0.4.

The menu works fine in IE 6,7,8; Firefox 3.5.7 and Opera 10.10.

I added a 5px top margin to the banner that sits underneath the menu to check whether the banner was overlapping the submenu, but the submenu doesn't render on hover at all.

There are no errors when I validate the markup.

Weird issue in Safari

Hey everyone,

I have run into a frustrating issue with Safari and my CSS that I cannot figure out. When I preview the site in other browsers, even older IE it looks great.
Image of site in browsers

label alignment in IE and Safari

Hi, any idea how to fix the vertical alinment of the label here: http://www.webdevout.net/test?011

It looks central in firefox, but looks too high in Internet Explorer, and Safari.

Many thanks

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