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Responsive web design eliminating elements

Hi evryone this is my first post on this site Smile

i am now busy making my website responsive but i come across a lot of problems and this is one of them :

in my original css i have this line of code:

.nav li:first-child {
list-style: none;

now in my @media element i wanna eliminate this property so that this element is back and i tried this :

@media (max-width: 940px) {

.nav li:first-child {
list-style: url("../images/listimage.png"); /* becaus i have this image as liststyle in my other elements */

Responsive design question ( div width )

hey guys I rebuilted my css for responsive design. It works
now Im stock with my right_container.
I want it to be in the right side but if the screen resolution is smaller it should be under the main content in full width
I want to accomplish this without @media

Need help with CSS and Z-index


I'm basically new to z-index, and I am trying to get z-index to work on a site in development.

Please go to this page, work in progress: development site

It has been successfully validated as HTML5

This is a Joomla CMS responsive site (Gantry/Rockettheme).

Day/Night theme, AJAX, responsiveness

We just updated our website, ,

- It has AJAX (scroll down)
- Responsiveness (resize the window)
- Day/Night theme (we're quite proud of this; choose with the buttons on the right side)
... notice that the Day/Night theme is auto-generated with JavaScript for every reload !

And it should also work in IE

What are your thoughts about the website? Smile

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