transparent radial gradient issue


I'd like to create a fixed radial gradient (gray on the outside and transparent in the center) that is used as a fixed overlay on top of the entire website, to achieve a kinda 'spotlight' effect. I made this gradient in a .png-24 file and placed it in img class called gradient and set the z-index to 999.

Assistance with CSS3 and Radial Gradients styling

Okay ladies and gentlemen, this is my first post! I have been taking an online web development course and its killing me slowly, but I am liking it so far. Now my dilemma is that I am giving a web-

page 3 radial-gradient "stars" for the background. The book says to put them in by use of "comma-separation", which I think I have incorrectly done... I can't get all of the 3 radials to show at the same time, and I have had to put this on the back-burner whilst coding the rest of the page. Now, any suggestions that could help me? Thanks!

~OT Squid


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