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Hi All

I've recently joined a company to help with web design although this site has not been set up/designed by me, we are using a content management system to manage blog posts but this is linked via feed burner and might be messing with the scrolling?

This has been driving me crazy. As far as I can tell (through searching around the web) nobody else seems to have this problem. The CSS code for the body is:

background-image: url(images/bg_left.gif);
background-repeat: repeat-x;
background-color: black;overflow:auto;

Having some trouble with a liquid layout's sidebar's height. Can someone lend a hand?

Please see this link and have a look at the right sidebar:

Depending on the height of your browser window, the bottom footer will hide/cover over the right sidebar. I want to make the sidebar's contents expand in height when the browser windows height minimizes/maximizes.

As you can see in the link above, their is data that has to have a fixed height (H3 titles, forms, buttons) and data that has to be expandable (category and sub-category links).

What is messing up the index page of my forum website??? 4 closing div tags?

Hi, I've been creating a forum website and had 2 forums up for testing purposes and I went to add a third and fourth last night and it threw the bottom part all out of wack.....

see here:

Keep in mind that the forum website is built w/ php, and there are many included files..

The page that is throwing my index page off is the forumlist_body, the way the forumlist_body works is that it starts with and right underneath displays this code:


Ok, there is a major problem going on most of my pages.., the main content starts at the end of my sidebar.

See examples here:


I've been working on individual pages trying to fix the problem thinking i had to delete a "clear:both" somewhere.. and then it dawned on me that the issue probably resides in my left side bar somewhere... Because all the main contents bg color stretches all the way down to the end of the sidebar and then it shows the actual content. So I'm almost positive the problem is the sidebar. . . Can any take a look and let me know what you guys think?

Missing Right Border in Chrome only...

Hi There,

I'm not a designer by any means, but I have a general idea of how things work.

My only problem i'm having is that my drop down menu is missing a right border in Google Chrome (and probably safari) only. Works fine in IE and FF.

Any ideas?


website here

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