Rendering issue in Firefox


I am currently building my first website and in the process of testing browser compatability.

I am experiencing a problem in Firefox that causes the page content to move slightly to the left when text is added to the page. The page at is currently rendering correctly. The second page at is exactly the same as the first example except for the addition of a line of text nested in paragraph tags. You should see that the second page content moves slightly to the left.

Help With Tumblr Theme.

I need Help On How To customize my blog,(tumblr)
now i've been looking everywhere on the internet.
but since tumblr is Not many years old.
Themes and tutorials wouldn't really be none.

Now, Tumblr Does Discuss The Post Blocks.
right here:

^ Yes i understand that, but Not
How to Actrlly Build A Tumblog Layout.
"i reconize CSS, and HTML. but i'm decent.
not good with it, not yet.

could you discuss the propertys for it.
like how can i position my tables,
and customizing my post's.
i'm currectly designing a layout/theme for it,

Here is a head buster. Why is there space between my columns?

Hi ya

This is puzzling me big time. Im quite new to CSS, Can any one help me?

I have made a little web page which has two columns with liquid height. But...there is a space between the columns???
Do you know how to remove the space without fixing the width of both columns?

One other thing, why does the right column extend to the right hand side even though I have not set a width? (I want it to do this I just don't understand why it does)

Any help would be greatly appreciated.


Here is the code I am using:


How to auto-stretch a div horizontally

I want there to be three divs in a row. The row should stretch to fill 100% of the browser's width. The leftmost and rightmost divs have a set width so it's the middle that needs to stretch to fill the remaining gap between them.

How do I do this? Currently my middle div is only as wide as its content - I want it to stretch as far as it can!

I'm currently containing the three divs within another div and tried to stretch that out, and tried various floats, but to no avail. Thanks!

<!DOCTYPE html PUBLIC "-//W3C//DTD XHTML 1.0 Strict//EN"

Permanent Popups?

Hey all.

I just created a site which utilizes popup images on link rollovers. Furthermore, I configured it so that all the popup images are placed in the same absolute position (they all appear directly over a div separate from the one which contains the aforementioned links).

However, while it works fine, I'm not all that happy with the results. I have decided I would really like the popup images to keep in place even after the user rolls out of the link. The problem is that I cannot conceive a method in which this would be possible ... So I'm reaching out for some ideas.

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