Having some trouble with my CSS

Alright, I'm making a site using a pre-created style.css and index.html that I downloaded from this website.

Body being bumped below side bar - but not in IE.

I'm building a site using a template for Joomla at www.stcharleshockey.com. The site works perfectly in IE, but when I try any other browser for the page at http://stcharleshockey.com/contact-us it pushes the body content below the sidebar. I've tried using Firebug but I can't figure out what the problem would be.

Any CSS whiz out there have an answer that I couldn't find?

Thanks in advance.

jQuery slidemenu CSS positioning problem

Hi Everyone,

I've been scouring both jQuery and CSS forums for an answer to my question to no avail, as of yet.

I'm using a typical jQuery slidedown menu placed inside of it's own html page, which is then included on the main homepage via server-side include action.

The problem is with the lower half of the menu items. They shift down approximately 10 pixels when you rollover any of the menu items and stay there until you refresh the page. This problem only occurs in internet explorer 7 for windows that I'm aware of. It works fine on internet explorer version 6 and older.

Blocks of images

Hi there, this is for my last paper at u niversity, a compared research of comercials. In the following wexa,ple, I made two blocs of images. Originally, they are on the right side of a column of text. I'd like them to form two blocks, divided from each other. This happens on IE, I've seen, but not on Firefox. The browser puts them on the same line, so I can't show that they belong to two different spots. What should I right on the Css? Also, I tried to point to the first child of each container and have it colored differently from the other items. But it didn't work.

What is creating white space at the top of the page?

Hi there,

I am trying to quickly help a friend out with his webpage, the whole thing is a mess, with CSS in the main HTML.

Long term they are going to do a complete redesign, but short term I am trying to help out.

This is how the page looks currently (the CSS has been validated)


This shifts the page to the top but breaks the java menu.


The only difference between the 2 is that I have commented out this section

 /*   .vnav li ul {
   	position: absolute;
   	left: 100%;

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