Header with navigation bar and logo centered

I am having a problem getting my logo centered in the navigation bar inside the header. Please help. Here's the fiddle http://jsfiddle.net/jennwysedesign/16dwwkbr/

Here is what the image should look like:

Thanks so much!!!

<link href="style.css" rel="stylesheet" type="text/css">
    <li>ABOUT US </li>
    <li>REGISTER NOW</li>
    <li>CONTACT </li>

How to Centralize a Float on the Screen (such horizontally as vertically) Using CSS

good afternoon,

I'd like to create an area placed in the center of the screen using floats with fixed values for both width and height. this area must be centralized even when the screen is resized. my objective is to centralize on the screen the field Password, the buttom Login and an image. these elements must be placed within a float which must be centralized on the screen.

I'd appreciate your help.


Moving image from left to right


I am new to CSS coding and I have 3 images I need to move from the left to the right hand side of my page and I want them to be next to each other. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Warming up with layouts


I have some knowledge on html&css and already built couple of sites with joomla/wordpress however i never created a site by coding from scratch. I did a fix width site and i cant understand some simple things, like;

1- Cant figure out why container having a gap above?

2- When i inspect the site with google chrome, cant see the header block. I have 2 floated items in header. Should i define a height? if yes, why height is not automatically defined by its children element's height?

Using Float with flash object

Hi there,

I have some troubles using the float parameter with a text div and a flash div. It doesn't sems to work and i have searched for solution on the net without any succes... If i follow what i find on the net it is supposed to work but it doesn't... If you could help me with this point i'll be very grateful.

I have in a TD those two DIVs, one of text and one with a flash object, i want the text to surround the flash object using the CSS float. That's my code:

<td style="border: 0px;">
		<p> TEXT </p>
		<p> TEXT </p>

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