Background+elements problem, need HELP fast!

I'm a noob when it comes to CSS or HTML, but I've been working on a Weebly page code for days now.

How can I add a box in the background so that it won't affect the contents of a page?

As You can see, I've managed to add a box behind the other elements using #main, but how can I add an independent box element, which won't affect the rest of the page and contents?

[#main-wrap {
#main {
	margin-left: 245px;
	padding: 0 10px;
	background: #fff;
	border: 1px solid #000000;
#banner {
.wsite-header {
#content {

Centering a floating menu

Hi I'm working on a wordpress site and one of the plugins is a floating menu. Problem is the only 2 options for the menu placement in the plugin interface are left and right, and I would like the menu in the center (and at the very top) of the page.

The floating menu its self is a DIV tag with a UL list inside of each of the list items. I've work been looking at centering a generic div tag, but the factory CSS is littered with "position" css rules that are making it harder to center then I would like.

You can take a look at the site and the floating menu in action here:

a div inside of another div , needs to resize to the height of the outside div

Tongue <div style="width:500px;height:500px;><div style="width: 500px">this div needs to be as high as the first div, what code to i add to do that i have tried "width:100%"</div></div>

Faint Sidebar Line and Height Issue - Very easy!

Hello! I know I can't get much help here because I'm using a premium theme, bu their forums aren't that good. Anyways, I'm having problems with my site I'm using elegant estate. I'm sure it's very easy, im just having a brain fart.

Problem 1: I disabled the sidebar, but there is still a faint line running down the main listing area on the homepage. I'm guessing it's an image?

Problem 2: The first 2 listings are the same height, while the third is a bit shorter! I've attached an image so you can see what I'm talking about.

Thank you very much!!

Issue with clearing left and right floats within the same DIV

Hey everyone! Thanks in advance for your help. I've been a long time lurker and I finally have an issue I couldn't solve by just searching the forum...

I'll try to make this as clear as possible. First, a brief description..

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