Need to make circles part of navigation links

I'm trying to make a website to look like this: Screen Shot 2013-09-30 at 11.03.52 AM.png

I cannot seem to find a way to make my navigation bar links to have a circular background or a circular link.
This is for a web design class and my professor doesn't even know.

How to reduce the space between posts displayed on main page?

i need to change the space between the posts being displayed on the main page of my website

i am using post-excerpts to show below each post title.. and i tried modifying #content but wasnt able to reduce the space.

please guide me


CSS issues on IE Browser

Help! I am trying to get my form code lined up on a graphic using CSS and I almost have it perfected but cannot figure out what the remaining issues is. I would appreciate any solution. The form is at the following address and it looks good in firefox but doesn;t line up in IE (any version) I am pulling my hair out trying to figure it out. Help? address is:

look at it in firefox and then look at it in IE

Here is the code

position of header

i tried to fix the header of my webpage but when i zoom out it starts moving left. how to fix?? help please....

Background+elements problem, need HELP fast!

I'm a noob when it comes to CSS or HTML, but I've been working on a Weebly page code for days now.

How can I add a box in the background so that it won't affect the contents of a page?

As You can see, I've managed to add a box behind the other elements using #main, but how can I add an independent box element, which won't affect the rest of the page and contents?

[#main-wrap {
#main {
	margin-left: 245px;
	padding: 0 10px;
	background: #fff;
	border: 1px solid #000000;
#banner {
.wsite-header {
#content {

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