Embedded web page position


Using Dreamweaver thrColHybHdr css and having a problem with the location of embedded web page in the main content area. Tried width="100%" height="100%" but page comes in tiny and stays tiny.

width="100%" height="700" is the height I want but the embedded page is centered in the main window when I want it at the top.

My html:
<!DOCTYPE html PUBLIC "-//W3C//DTD XHTML 1.0 Transitional//EN" "http://www.w3.org/TR/xhtml1/DTD/xhtml1-transitional.dtd">

"3 column liquid-layout" Modification


Do you know this layout ?
Holy Grail 3 column liquid-layout: No Quirks Mode, No IE Conditional Comments

I'm trying to make it look like:

I'm trying to insert this new div called "banner" above the main and the right-menu and besides the left-menu.

Can anyone help me ? I'm with this problem for days!


Please check my site, problems with spry-menubar in DW


I noticed trouble with my site http://bibin.hio.no/dkdm/s155392/index.html. It is a school examination I have handed in (with some errors), but before I release it and buy my own webhotel, I need to fix some problems:

Permanent Popups?

Hey all.

I just created a site which utilizes popup images on link rollovers. Furthermore, I configured it so that all the popup images are placed in the same absolute position (they all appear directly over a div separate from the one which contains the aforementioned links).

However, while it works fine, I'm not all that happy with the results. I have decided I would really like the popup images to keep in place even after the user rolls out of the link. The problem is that I cannot conceive a method in which this would be possible ... So I'm reaching out for some ideas.

stumped by div tag centering


I'm new to this CSS stuff. I'm trying to position a DIV TAG exactly in the center of the page. I want it to move with the actual page, ie be centered within the browser. For some reason, I cannot get the TAG properties to conform to the specifics im trying to give it. Also, on top of that, the FORM that i'm trying to embed within the TAG is not showing up whatsoever. Does anyone know what the hell I'm doing wrong? Any help would be amazing.
~ Dave

TAG in Question --- buybooklayer


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