page-break doesn't work if we want to start a paragraph from one page and finish it on the next one.

Hi guys,

I repost this topic because the first one doesn't appear I have no idea why.

I would like some advise about one problem with pagination and I even don't know if it has solution.

The context is with twig and symphony.

I generate a PDF document
This PDF document can be in one or more than two pages.

All elements are well positioned and it work except for one row who can be longer and so it will start automatically on new page.

paragraph size


I have a small problem with some text i need to fit into a box Smile

Please see: and look for the 4 green boxes VIDEO VISIE MISSIE NIEUWS / VIDEO VISION MISSION NEWS.
You'll see my problem right away, the text needs to be down to 2 or 3 lines and then the arrow.

Thank you very much for your help and tips!


Formatting in Article Preview

Ok, so I'm using Wordpress, with a theme called GoodNews. There's a feature called NewsBox, that provides an image and a preview of an article, as seen here:
Full article:

The preview of the article removes all formatting of the text from the original article, but what I'd like to do is override this to retain punctuation, paragraphs, etc..

What I need is to fill out the following section of my custom CSS:

.cat_article_content p {


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