Span layout in email

Opera adding extra padding to main navigation bar

I'm all good to go with a site for launch but for a strange issue in Opera (I'm currently testing with Opera 11.62 Mac). where it's adding extra padding to the anchor links in the horizontal list of the main navigation bar. This is causing the last item of the list to drop down below the others due to lack of room. Because of the mouseovers I don't want to cut the padding of each item just for the sake of Opera. I also don't want to browser sniff for Opera as I'd rather do it hack free as always for best practice.

Body with Padding for an App

I am trying to learn CSS and am building an app in HTML with no scrolling. I'm taking many tutorials on CSS but am having a problem that feels almost embarrassing. I have a blue background and a white rectangular body, and I want the white body to have even spacing on all sides. I only have a header and a body in the DOM. The CSS file is pulled in externally. Here is my CSS, this is the best I've gotten so far:

html, body{

IE showing space between navbar and logo

Hi there,

I would appreciate any help with trying to remove the white padding/margin between the logo and the navbar of It shows up as seamless on Chrome and Firefox, but leaves a gap between the two elements in IE. I've tried everything, but to no avail. What am I doing wrong?


Question about css resets...

Do css resets level the playing field of all browsers, or will they still act somewhat different?

The reason I ask is, I have designed a few different things just to play around and learn css and javascript, but they look different from browser to browser. I usually design in Firefox and then test in Opera, Safari, IE and Chrome (I figure that's enough, but let me know if there are others I should test).
Well, some stuff comes out great in all browsers, some stuff works in all but IE, and some stuff is completely different in every browser.

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