Stop floated <divs> from overlapping

I'm designing a website that has banners that are floated left and right. When I make the window very narrow, the banner on the right begins to cover the banner on the left. How can I stop the banners from overlapping and simply stop moving once they hit each other?

CSS Vertical overlap

I have a vertical overlap issue with my divs. I have three main container divs set up (header, footer, and middleContent) with absolute positioning. All other divs are positioned within these containers with relative positioning. When the window is resized horizontally, the min-widths work fine. However, vertically, the divs overlap when the window is resized. I cannot provide a link, because I'm using a localhost. However, the html and css are below. I use a short javascript segment in a separate file to center the middleContent (not below).

Trying to overlap 3 divs but only 2 work

Hello all,

Please help me to solve this problem. I have three main divs, each containing nested divs. I want all three divs to overlap but the third is not overlapping. Below is an image showing the problem.

Here is a link to the test page.

Here is the css for the divs.

/* Affects "Div 1"*/
.mm-region-first-group {
	max-width: 520px;
	width:520 px;
	border: dotted;
	border-color: #ACAC60;

CSS button/div border overlap

Hi everyone,

This is my first post here so please forgive me if I'm asking in the wrong place, or too soon. I have a somewhat unique question, which should be easy to answer but hard to find the answer to.

If you look at my design, I'm trying to get the blue 1 px border for the top menu buttons to overlap the white 1 px border of the container div. Is this possible? Or do I need to use something besides CSS borders for what I want to do?

Overlaying jpg and png images


New here and have been stuck with a slight css/javascript problem. I am using open source code from: TwitStream

What I would like to do is overlay the Twitter jpg image avatars with a transparent png image - like a watermark. My problem is, do I recode the css AND the javascript files or is there a quicker, easier css only method?

Is there a way to change each jpg avatar to appear as a background image, overlapped with a png of the same size?

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