make wrapper div to resize (fit) in mobile screen devices


check here:

This is the default protostart template of joomla 3. I have tested in various mobile devices and HTML/CSS seem to work. No breaks at all.

BUT when page loads in a mobile device, it does not re-fit to its window (screen resolution).

How can i make it fit to window (resize) on mobile devices?

Mobile CSS and Styling Drop-down Input Forms

Hello all, I'm working on a mobile version of a website, and I'm having a hard time adjusting the height of the drop-down menu. I increase the font-size, the text gets bigger but the actual drop-down box doesn't increase accordingly.

I've attached a screenshot from the mobile emulator. Do you see how the letter "g" spills over on the bottom side?

3-16-2010 8-40-00 AM.jpg

Any advice is greatly appreciated. Thank you,

Andre Tongue

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