Centered background not aligning centered header.

Hello guys,
I am creating a website that supports bike roads in São Paulo.
I wanted the header image to stay put on top of the site, always aligned with the background image, but for some reason, the image is a little bit to the left of what it should be.
Besides that, it all gets really messy when I try to browse the website from my cellphone.
Could someone please give it a look? I'm sure there's an easy fix to that.

thanks in advance for the attention!

ps: I'm not a native speaker, please don't mind my english.

make wrapper div to resize (fit) in mobile screen devices


check here:

This is the default protostart template of joomla 3. I have tested in various mobile devices and HTML/CSS seem to work. No breaks at all.

BUT when page loads in a mobile device, it does not re-fit to its window (screen resolution).

How can i make it fit to window (resize) on mobile devices?

Mobile Website Zooming

Hi All,

I live in Australaia and this year i'm doing my Diploma in website development yay!. So this week my assessment was to make a mobile website. Now I put this together fairly quickly and I'm happy with the wa

Make my ad look bigger on mobile

hey guys I'm working on my mobile site.

So now everything works fine

-I got my image look 100% and the headings are fine

but everything else I add are showing smaller on mobile.

please take a look on the screenshot

this is the actual url

Need help with CSS and Z-index


I'm basically new to z-index, and I am trying to get z-index to work on a site in development.

Please go to this page, work in progress: development site

It has been successfully validated as HTML5

This is a Joomla CMS responsive site (Gantry/Rockettheme).

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