Layout With Absolute Vertical Buttons

Hi, I'd like to ask how to make this design? I've used writing-mode but it can be used only on IE, and transform seems ruining the absolute layout of the menu.
Thanks in advance.

Mobile Website Zooming

Hi All,

I live in Australaia and this year i'm doing my Diploma in website development yay!. So this week my assessment was to make a mobile website. Now I put this together fairly quickly and I'm happy with the wa

css z-index?!


im new here and im not a webmaster nor like it. i have a small website ( and i use the website builder. Although one thing my service is not good is in the navigation menu, so i decided to create one but i cannot make submenus. The problem is i create all menu with submenus, then in my website builder i have a form where to put the scripts (all good), but when i check the menu the submenus appear behind all other things.

How do i make this code capable in php?

<div id="idag" align="center"><p>I dag har foreningen eksisteret i 
 år og 
<% 'Noter at der er fratrukket 20 dage fra dage. Detta må korrigeres vid skudår!' %> 
<%=DateDiff("d",#2014-01-22#,now)%> dage</p></div>

Trouble with a CSS table layout

Hi there,

I have created a table via CSS that I like but I can't get them to sit next to each other rather than underneath each other.
I did it at some point in the past but can't for the life of me work out how I did it. Lost the custom code in a site backup restore.

My brain maybe being slightly frazzled from redoing everythign but any help would be greatly appreciated.

Here is the page

Here is the page code:

<div id="pricelist">
<h2>1 Day of Diving</h2>
<ul id="prices">
	<li><a href="#">2 Tank Dive $105</a></li>

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