Why is there space in between header and navigation?

If anyone can help explain to me why this is happening and offer a solution, I would greatly appreciate it!

I am eventually going to edit the images used to create these menu tabs so that the space in between them is the same blue as the header instead of white.

As you can see from the screenshot, below the header there is some blank space where you can see my striped background, then comes in my tab menu and main site content. I want the tab menu to be flush with the header. What am I doing wrong? Thanks to all for any help.


/* basic elements */
html {

Please check my site, problems with spry-menubar in DW


I noticed trouble with my site http://bibin.hio.no/dkdm/s155392/index.html. It is a school examination I have handed in (with some errors), but before I release it and buy my own webhotel, I need to fix some problems:

Drop down menu does not function in IE

I have created a dropdown menu for my site.
The dropdown works great in Firefox, safari and opera but it does not drop down in IE.

The menu is displaying ok in IE but when you hover over a tab nothing happens.

This is the link http://www.misi.co.uk/2_template.php There are two menus "navigation" which is the bottom category menu in grey and "navigation_blue" - which is the top bue tabs. I have the same problem with both menus.

Whe I hover over my menu, only part of the button is highlighted..help!


I have just had on e problem solved..only to find another!

When I hover over items on my top menu, the whole block should be highlighted, but only a strip down the middle gets highlighted.
How do I solve this problem?

here is the page I'm testing: http://www.surftweeter.com/test.html

and here is the Css:

again I'm grateful for any help I can get!


/* -- Horizontal Text NavBar -- */
.ExtraNav {
font-family: Arial, 'Lucida Sans Unicode', 'Lucida Grande', Verdana,  sans-serif;
.ExtraNav ul {
list-style-type: none;

Vertical menu - image shift


I have created a vertical menu using CSS, but when loading the pages, the images are initally not (vertically aligned). When browsing the other pages, finally the images are properly aligned.
Where do I have to look at . I do not use any scaling of the images.

Some CSS code

.rf #sidebar1 {
	float: left; /* since this element is floated, a width must be given */
	width: 100px; /* the actual width of this div, in standards-compliant browsers, or standards mode in Internet Explorer will include the padding and border in addition to the width */

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