CSS stylesheet issue. Responsive Nav bar font color not responding

I'm working on a responsive layout and it has two different menu layouts, standard and mobile. I can't seem to get the font color to change on the current page link in the main(2nd) navigation menu. I can set the back ground of the current/active page, and it works in both menus; however when I change the font/link color it only changes in the mobile menu. I have searched and can't seem to find the reason this happens or a solution. IDK if the issue is in the css or the header.

Here's the page:

Cartridge return between words in menu?

Hi there

On this Joomla site http://www.scarlatti.co.nz/ any main menu item that has two words will cartridge return between the words. For example, the 'About Us' item.

Any thoughts on what's happening in the CSS to do this?

Any idea most appreciated!

CSS Dropdown Menu Alignment

I am having trouble aligning this drop down menu I created. The drop down menu won't align with the main menu correctly. Please help me align it properly.

Here is my CSS:

li {
ul {
list-style: none;
ul li {
display: inline-block;
ul li a {
color: 000000;
text-decoration: none;
font-size: 24px;
ul li ul {
display: none;
position: absolute;
ul li:hover ul {
background-color: transparent;
ul a:hover {

Gantry framework dropdown menu issue PLEASE HELP!

I have an issue with my menu on a Joomla site:


When you hover over the menu item the sub menu is displayed, but if you scroll down (sometimes slowly) the sub menu disappears.

I'm using the latest Gantry framework.

Any ideas on why and how to fix it?



Styling Wordpress Custom Menu

Hi folks,

I was working with a site whose theme did not utilize the custom/widgetized menus. So, I added them in, but now I need to style them to look like the previous site, but I'm stuck. I see a lot of mainMenu classes and navPanel classes, but I don't know what to do. My currently HTML/PHP looks like this:

<div class="row-fluid constraint body visible-desktop">
    	<div class="span12 pagination-centered">
			<div class="row-fluid pagination-center" style="margin-left: auto; margin-right: auto; max-width: 941px;background-color:#808080">
				<ul class="mainMenu">

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