How do I make a 100% width <ul><li> list?

I have an inline unordered list. I want each

  • to be positioned across it's
    . Basically the first
  • should be on the far left and the last
  • should be on the far right with everything else in the middle. What I have doesn't work. Everything is on the left and doesn't extend to the right.
  • I cant get my Suckerfish menu to centre - please help before I pull out my remaining hair!! (and I really dont have much left l)

    I am trying to develop a test website at

    The menu should be centered over the body of the site, however, everything I have tried does nothing, Ive added left margins, center text etc but it doesnt shift, I know I am being dull, but CSS is very new to me and I am not sure how I am being dull.

    Any help would be very appreciated Smile

    Drop down menu question!

    Hello everyone, I need help with my drop down menu. There is a problem with CSS I think because it conflict with each other. I download both template and drop down menu script from somewhere else.

    This is the original html template

    This is my website with drop down menu added but it's not working

    I guess the template CSS might clash with the dropdownmenu CSS.

    My index.html navigation code, I think theres nothing wrong with this code.

    Small text in Safari

    Is there a simple reason that my nav bar text would be showing up smaller in Safari? I've seen this with two websites now, and it seems that the menu text mostly shows a dramatic decrease in size, but I noticed it somewhat with the paragraph text too. In Firefox 3.6.7 it looks fine.

    The site that I am working on is here: Continental site


    Submenu doesn't work properly in IE7


    I’m quite new to the HTML_CSS and most of what i’ve learn already was self taught.

    I’ve designed a website and it works totally fine with all major browsers except IE7. For some reason my vertical submenu (5 items) changed in 2 colums 3 left an 2 right)
    Please can somebody help me with this issue?

    Edit: I attach an image to show the diffrence…

    /* menu::base */
    div#menu {
            margin:470px 0 0 300px;
            height: 52px;
            padding-left: 6px;
            background: url(../images/left.png) no-repeat;

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