Put image in Background without cutting anything up

I am trying to put an image, not in the background but in the menu bar and the buttons for the menu bat lay on top of it but I dont know how to do it.


This is the basic idea. See the red behind the menu bar? That is what I am trying to acomplish without cutting everything into little pieces.

I just started coding yesterday for the first time so if there are things odd about it that is why.


Weebly website creator css

I have created a website using weebly and would like to fix my navigation bar so that it is visible as you scroll down the page. ive looked on other websites but cant see how to apply it to my website. can anyone help please.

This is mycurrent css. Sorry about the length.

*|* {
body {
  background: transparent url(bg_custom.jpg) repeat-x center top;
  font-family:"lucida sans", verdana, arial, sans-serif;
p {

Navigation menu with images

Hi Guys,
I am new in this forum and hope I am posting my topic on the right thread Smile
I am trying to do a navigation menu with images on top of the navigation headings. I am having difficulties when try to centre both the text and images in the navigation menu. I want to spread the headings (and images) across the 990px width. Please find below the code and appreciate feedback how to arrange and centre the images and text headings.

The html code:

    	<div id="navigation">														
    		<div class="navigation-headings">

Nested Vertical Menu Items


I'm very new to using CSS and web design so apologies for asking anything obvious...

basically the web site I'm working on has a flash vertical menu which I need to try to emulate strictly through CSS. It's nothing too complex, but 2 of the items have submenus; when the mouse is hovered over them the sub menu appears and pushes all the elements of the parent menu, below the current one, down. How would I go about moving these elements in CSS? Is it even possible?

Menu position relative to other elements

Hello to the board, in the first place, 'cause I'm new here. :Cool

I am quite at the beginning with CSS. HTML, PHP, MySQL are no problem, though for PHP and MySQL I still need some hours of googling from time to time Big smile

The idea is that I want to be able to build my own websites, with no help from CMS-es, templates and others.

The main idea for this specific example is that I want the site to resize itself according to the resolution or window size, so it has the best look all the time. Though resolutions are in fact the biggest issue here.

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