Highlight menu parent and child

For a wordpress theme (http://alturl.com/6eu3o) I am trying to get the parent and child page highlighted. Unfortunately its not working at the moment.

Current css:

#outheader #header #navigation #menu ul#nav li.current_page_parent a {
	background-image: url(../images/achtergrond/headerinfo.png);
	background-repeat: repeat-x;
#outheader #header #navigation #menu ul#nav li.current_page_item a {
	background-image: url(../images/achtergrond/headerinfo.png);
	background-repeat: repeat-x;
#outheader #header #navigation #menu ul#nav li.current_page_ancestor a {

Centering menu, how?

I have a menu, op top of my website.
The menu area is longer, than the text and buttons, so there's a lot of empty space in the menu area.
So i thought i want to center the text and buttons, but i cant get it to work
How do I do that?


#menu_wrapper {
margin-left: auto; margin-right: auto;
			#menu {
				font-family: Kari;
				font-weight: normal;
				text-transform: uppercase;
				margin: 50px 0;
				padding: 0;
				list-style-type: none;
				background-color: #405147;
				font-size: 20px;
				height: 40px;
				border-top: 2px solid #617566;

CSS 'menu' hover table cell background color


I'm trying to for a CSS 'menu' script that when a table cell is hovered the cell background color changes.

Here are 2 good examples of what I'd like, in action (note: this doesn't reflect my personal music taste!):

(It is highly preferred to have 'cells' that contain logos, such as amazon, iTunes, etc.)

(click 'buy now' at top of page - I'd prefer the code to not be 'pop-up' - instead more like the Bon Jovi page.)



Im trying to make the title appear the same when they are a link or when they are not, you can see on the navigation here http://test.gmsuppliesltd.co.uk/newsite//

if you see under "catering machinery" > Dishwasher - this is as they should appear, but if you see "catering machinery" > food preparation this is as they appear.

can anybody help on this.

many thanks,

How do I edit the menu font?

Hey, I'd like to make the font of my menu bold. It's pretty narrow now. I'm kinda new to php and css but I posess a basic understanding of how it works. Where in the code do I edit this part and what would it look like?

Here's an excerpt from the css. And I'm using this theme: http://wpexplorer.me/demo.php?theme=ultra (if that helps). Thanks for your patience!

css file: (sorry for all the code)


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