Duster responsive theme , things become out of whack on smaller devices.

When looking at http://www.lacrosse-lounge.com on a normal sized monitor it looks fairly well but when you view it on devices like the iPad or smaller it becomes vary ugly and not that good looking. The three widgets on the bottom instead of being displayed horizontally become stacked above one another vertically which is very unappealing. Id like for them to stay horizontal and still be nice and readable and visually appealing, but i haven't go a clue on how to do that.

margin problem in firefox , internet explorer despite using reset


I am CSS beginner. I am trying to create a full width layout.
So i have set width to 100% and reset the margin,padding and border to 0 , as has been explained in so many tutorials to have the "reset effect".

BUT despite doing the "reset" i am getting some margin around my text in both the browsers.
I am testing currently in following browsers:
Firefox 14.0.1 and IE 9
OS used is: win 7 (64 bit)

The HTML and CSS code is as follows:


List Items not Centering in Table for IE (related to WhiteSpace Error)

Hi, I was updating a webpage for our website and I would like to center list items in an already centered table, however the White Space Error occurs when viewing in Internet Explorer.
So when I want bullets to look like this
---------table cell start---------
*list item one
*list item two

-------table cell end--------------

they end up looking like this:

---------table cell start---------
* list item one
* list item two

---------table cell end------------

How to Align a Div in Center Right of webpage and How to Float it along with the scrolling...

How to Align a Div in Center Right of webpage and Fix it in there, i mean it should be in the center right of webpage when users scrolls too, i want it to move along with the scroll.

Here is live URL where i have my buttons aligned at center of webpage but when we scroll the button does not moves along with it, its sticked Sad


P.S. I hope you are getting what i am trying to say.

Is there any way I can set minimum margin left?

Hi, I'm new here.

I'm currently working on a new website, but I have faced a problem. The container of the website which contains all off the elements has been set for width: 85%, with a min-width: 800px, I'll later set a max-width that equals 85% of a 21" screen, I just want this website to appear nicely as 85% or so from those old box-shaped screens to the newest 21" ones. I have to do that, to set minimum and maximum widths, because there will be some images that I can't stretch the images too much.

I know that min-margin-left doesn't exist, but I want something very similar to it.

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