<Blogger> Posts overlapping, font size of posts remain the same

heythere Smile
new to this site, haha
I'd like a little help with my blog please?


If you'd have the time to click on that, you'd see that the posts are overlapping,
and with each overlap, the width of the post becomes smaller and smaller, but the font size does not change.

It's mostly handcoded by me XD so I'm really sorry if there are obvious flaws a noob like me can't spot
as I'm not experienced with this CSS/HTML stuff
and I've googled most of the tags on how to make certain stuff work
But I can't seem to find a solution to this problem Shock

Center Page for diffrent screensizes.

I am trying to get my wordpress powered Home Page to be centered on any screen size, so it does not get repeated and the images do not get repeated.

See concept Image: http://puu.sh/1XpBP

I am currently using the Swatch theme (if that helps). I would really like to be able to sue this (above concept^^) on my website as it would allow me to use images that would not be stretched out or duplicated on ether or both the x and y axis.

Thanks in Advance.

Floating DIV over Header DIV

I am building a website for a client and I am having the worst time with linking the Customer Login and Facebook images. All the logos are apart of the bigger header image. To link them to a URL, I created a floating division/image map with HREF links. The problem is that different screen sizes or window sizes move the division around. In some instances, they are aligned perfectly, but other times it is stuck to the far-right and not centered over the images.

URL: http://theyardpeople.net/new/

Does anyone have a suggestion for this issue? Thanks

Where on earth is this extra margin coming from?

Hello helpful folks! Smile

I've got an extra approximately 15px of margin that I can't for the life of me figure out where is coming from. Here is a screenshot showing which one I'm talking about (circled in blue), and here is the link to the actual page. Please help me figure it out!

WordPress: Trouble With Drop-down menu


I am currently using the Zwei Seiten theme by Elturan S. (version 1.4.2)
My website is: http://www.penguincheatscp.x10.mx/wp/
Pastebin Template CSS: http://pastebin.com/LudPMDeD (Edited Some)

I need help with my drop-down menu. I am trying to get my drop-down menu the same width as the ends of the template's borders, basically from left to right. The problem is, even if I do that, I still need my other drop-down menu to be the same width as the first.

For example:
Catalog Cheats = drop-down menu A
About Me = drop-down menu B

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