Javascript appened HTML destroys IE layout


The code below appends, on each button click, a new line to the wrapper's InnerHTML. The line consists of 8 inline-block divs (boxes) contained in a (container).

In FF3.5 everything works as expected. However, in IE8, only the newly added (container) shows properly, and all previous ones get injected with a 4px padding between them.

Has anyone already run into this issue? I couldn't find anything that could help me resolve this...


Post Title getting cut off.. Where do I edit the margin or padding in this code to fix it?

Puzzled The top of my post titles are getting cut off. Where and what in the stylesheet do I need to change to fix it? Thanks!

Here's the site:

Here's the stylesheet:

* Theme Name: Hybrid News
* Theme URI:
* Description: A news-style child theme of the Hybrid theme framework.
* Version: 0.2
* Author: Justin Tadlock
* Author URI:

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