Where can one find a list of CSS reserved words?

I would like to know which words should not be used for classes, ids and such. It would seem that such a list should be easy to find, but, at least for me, it does not seem to be. It is relatively easy to find similar lists for JavaScript

Regarding a CSS reserved words list, a few things have occurred to me:

  • This list may already exist online. Merely providing a reference to it would be sufficient.
  • Such a list ought to have certain similarities/words in common with a JavaScript reserved words list.

Small Navigation Problem: Menu (List) Wont Display Horizontaly


I'm working on a small project of mine. This is the project's website: http://products.gratita.com/grey_brain/. The problem is, that I can't display the top navigation (list) horizontaly... Why is that? How can I repair this issue?

Thanks, Laughing out loud

Better way to display my menu

First post here.

I like how my menu on the left side of the site is setup. I hate thought that with IE, when the items are clicked on, they seem to shift 1 or two pixels up. This doesn't happen in Firefox, etc, just IE. Is there a better way to code my CSS so that IE doesn't make the menu links move?


This list style is driving me crazy!!!

I am fairly new to CSS, but I understand I need to specify which list style to use within the parent DIV, but I have tried everything I know to do. I am either getting the list style to apply to everything on the page or its not showing up at all. I have 2 navigation menu's that are inheriting the list style I am trying to apply only to the main page content. I have tried separating it from the rest of the page with both class and ID, but I am pretty sure I am missing something.

Horizontal List with Text & Images, 5 columns wide

Hi guys, I'm pretty new to CSS so I want to apologize in advance for any stupid/obvious questions I'm going to ask! I've done a lot of searching the Internet and this forum and was unable to find anything helpful.

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