Bullets and numbering disappear from wordpress post and pages

Dear friends

i have a wordpress site, i didn't have any experience in code so i tired to know what to do

the problem started, when the bullets and numbering missed where they appear on the back end(edit) but when publish the post it disappear, but it still appear in the products and some other pages

i found a old post here describe the solution but really i can't understand

my site is www.arab-academy.com

the problem appear her (post):

Remove list bullets from ONE specific list

Hi community, I'm new here

I need to remove the list bullets from ONE specific list and don't know how to do that.
I'm sure it's pretty simple with CSS but I just can't figure it out. CAN ANYBODY HELP???

The bullets I need to get rid off are:

HTML tags, classes, ids:

<ul id="sig38b89a7dd6" class="sig-container">
	<li class="sig-block">
		<span class="sig-link-wrapper">
			<span class="sig-link-innerwrapper">....aso.

The CSS responsible for my bullets:

.art-postcontent ul>li:before, 
.art-post ul>li:before, 
.art-textblock ul>li:before

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