Target first word in LI list

I need help!

<ul class="nav menu">
	<li class="item-111 parent"><a class=" parenttitle" href="/index.php/landscape-buildings"><span class="image-title">Landscape Buildings</span><img src="/images/landscape_buildings.jpg" alt="Landscape Buildings"></a></li>

I need to target the first word 'Landscape' and set its font size to be smaller than that of 'Buildings'.

I've tried using the sudo :first-word on the

  • tag but to no avail.
  • Anyone have any ideas?



    Change item order of a list using CSS

    I need to change the order of the list items using CSS
    List is coded in HTML in 1,2,3,4,5,6 order but I wont to show
    It in different order (1,4,6,2,3,5). Please help if you can

    HTML code


    Final Displaying in browser should be as below

    Please help. Have a nice day!

    Left alignment of lower-alpha bullets


    In MS word bullets of type lower-alpha are aligned to the left, hence a, b, c, etc. are all shown on the same vertical plane like this:


    However, in HTML the alignment is based on the full stop of the bullet, thus de-facto aligning the bullet to the right like this:


    Problem with nested list navigation

    Hello, I'm building a Services section navigation on a site and I want to make it optimized so I'm using nested lists instead of separating them, but it causes some visual problems which I'm having some hard time fixing.

    One of the problems is the MERCADOTECNIA CONVENCIONAL positioning which is having some problems being fixed, besides even using clearfix my main layout doesn't extend and I'm not using any floats :S

    This is the CSS code for the first

      and the sublist

      	width: 400px;
      	padding: 13px 0px 0px 15px;
      	float: left;
      	min-height: 300px;

      Numbers and bullets aren't rendering in lists

      Numbers and bullets aren't rendering in either ordered or unordered lists from any browser. I'm currently learning CSS and used meyer's reset css code while playing around with different CSS properties. When I started working with lists, they lineup as normal but the numbers or bullets won't render. I brought up the reset code because I have a hunch it's interfering somehow but I've scanned the code over and over as well as my own code and simply can't figure it out.

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