Adding links to specific text on a specific page


I am using Wordpress (Kalium theme) and would like to add links to a specific page/section only.

The specific page is here:

In the section: "Reference files", I would like to add URLs for the following texts:

Circus, Wood - Specifications
Circus, Upholstered - Specifications
Circus, Barstool - Specifications

The files I would like to link (respectively) are on my media server with the following links:

Underline in text links, but not in image links

Is there any way that this CSS code of mine will work in a way that the dotted decoration for links will only work for texts, but not in images?

#content a {
	border-bottom: 1px dotted #666;
	text-decoration: none;

Links not working

Hey guys ,

I have a page index.html with 5 section one of them being contact , so the html is something like this :

<section id="contact">

now the above code is on my index.html .

now when i move to another page eg. backpage.html . on that page i have a link called contact us ,

i'd like that link to point back to the contact section in index.html ,

so i have the following code :

<a href="index.html/#contact">contact us</a>

, now that does't work ,

any suggestions.

links to missing pages

Does anyone know how to write code (CSS hopefully) so that links to pages that don't exist show up red (a la Wikipedia)? I know how to do <span>s but I want my stylesheet to cover the issue for all of my pages.

Need to make circles part of navigation links

I'm trying to make a website to look like this: Screen Shot 2013-09-30 at 11.03.52 AM.png

I cannot seem to find a way to make my navigation bar links to have a circular background or a circular link.
This is for a web design class and my professor doesn't even know.

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